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24ORE Business School

Sede: Milano (Lombardia)
Tipologia: master post-laurea
Area Tematica: Moda
Data inizio: 26 Ottobre 2020


The Master is aimed at young graduates and final year graduating students with a keen interest in businesses operating in the world of luxury, fashion and lifestyle.

Main features:

  • Study tour: 5 days in Florence with the purpose of discovering very exclusive brands of Made in Italy
  • Luxury careers lab & career coaching: a deep analysis of the main roles in the luxury industry to identify career opportunities
  • Excel workshop: an advanced Excel course for business data analysis
  • Company visits: several trips to deepen students’ learning experience


Luxury goods, fashion and lifestyle represent one of the most important areas of Italian excellence. Our international Master in Luxury Management provides students with knowledge and capabilities required by firms in the luxury industry.


  • train students with a multidisciplinary foundation by bringing together creativity with the ability to interpret and foresee business trends
  • provide students with opportunities to learn from experience of professionals working in the luxury good sector as well as develop future networks in the luxury good market
  • provide practical applications of the concepts learned in class through project work, company visits and study tour


  • The concept of luxury across the world
  • Made in Italy: yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • New consumers of luxury goods
  • The fashion, luxury and lifestyle industry
  • Economics & value chain
  • Marketing and brand management
  • Commercial policies and management of luxury retail stores
  • Buying and Merchandising
  • Communication, press office and events
  • Web & new media: digital and social media marketing
  • E-commerce and e-tailing

Admission Method

The Master has a closed number and involves a process of selection aimed at evaluating the technical competences acquired during the study period, the individual attitude and the motivation of the candidates.

The selection process is carried out in 3 phases:

  • screening and analysis of applications and CV
  • motivational interview (in English)
  • English test for non native English speakers

Payment methods

The annual tuition is payable in 3 installments:

  • 26th October 2020
  • 30th January 2021
  • 30th March 2021

Payment can be made by means of:
Bank transfer/Bonifico bancario, indicating the code/la sigla LA0953 to be made in favour of:

Business School24 S.p.A.
Bank coordinates/Coordinate bancarie:
Banca Intesa Sanpaolo
Filiale di Via Quarenghi
20100 – Milano
IBAN IT76 J030 6909 5571 00000006 824

Funding and scholarship

To sustain participants, 24ORE Business School has a partnership with Banca Sella to access favorable loans (no warranties): repayment starts 6 months after completing the Master.  Thanks to an agreement with Compass, it is also possible to defer payment in monthly installments. Some restrictions apply. More details available upon request.

24ORE Business School will grant partial cost scholarships to the most deserving candidates. To apply for a scholarship you need to apply and attach the required documents by September 15th 2020.

Besides, 24ORE Business School will grant a full cost scholarship to the most deserving candidate. To apply for this scholarship you need to apply and attach the required documents by September 1st 2020.

The granting of the scholarships will be based on ranking of all the following criteria:

  • Graduate students’ GPA must be 3.5/4.0 and above or equivalent (for Italian students 105/110  or 95/100)
  • Results of the selection process
  • Knowledge of foreign languages
  • Professional experience
  • Economic and financial situation of the candidate

Career opportunities

Our Master in Luxury Management provides students with technical knowledge and managerial capabilities required to build a career in the luxury industry. It provides students with opportunities to learn from the experience of managers and professionals working in the luxury goods market, as well as to intern in important companies and develop a lasting network in the sector.


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