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International MBA - with workshop

CUOA Business School

Sede: Vicenza (Veneto)
Tipologia: mba
Area Tematica: General Management
Data inizio: 11 Febbraio 2019


The International Master in Business Administration is a program in general management aiming to examine in depth each company department and its functions and to acquire the competences required to operate in international and multicultural environments, managing the internationalization process with a strategy-focused approach.
The course is based on three main drivers which are essential for personal and professional growth: to increase and consolidate technical skills and a strategic vision; to provide a repertoire of knowledges at the cutting edge of innovation and entrepreneurship; to strengthen the ability to manage dynamic contexts and international business.

The teaching methodology is based on an integrated training approach, developed through concrete case studies and active participation of relevant business realities.
The MBA program includes a study tour abroad and cross-learning activities with other international programs of CUOA Business School, with the support of excellent faculty members, offering various opportunities for learning in internationally connoted environments.

The course also offers a deep preparation on the Life Skills, which are more and more useful to manage multicultural work teams and dynamic contexts in an effective way.  Specific sessions are dedicated to leadership development, empowerment of communication skills and stress management.

The International MBA requires a full time attendance and it is entirely taught in English, addressing talents from Italy and abroad.


The attendance is in a full time formula and it is structured as follows:

  • 500 hours of teaching activities: Monday to Thursday from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm;

Dedicated workshops and cross-learning sessions could be scheduled on Fridays.

  • 1 residential week abroad (June 2019);
  • 3-day experiential activity:  Innovation & Creativity Lab;
  • 3 months of final project: Final Challenge.

It is also foreseen the commitment of participants in offline mode for completing assignments and for an individual study.

Attendance is mandatory: the maximum absence allowance is 15% of the structured teaching activities.

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