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International Master in European Studies - IMES

CCITABEL - Camera di Commercio Belgo - Italiana

Sede: Bruxelles (Belgio)
Tipologia: master post-laurea
Area Tematica: General Management
Data inizio: 20 Aprile 2020


The master is organized jointly by the European Desk of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Institute of the European Studies of the Universitè Catholique de Louvain-La-Neuve. In spring 2020 the International Master in European Studies will celebrate its 31th edition.

Since 2004, more than 500 students from all over the world have already taken part in the course and are now working in the field of policy advising and project management in several Countries.

The IMES – Day Programme is designed for those who wish to gain, in a short period of time, specialized competences and skills in order to become EU Policy Advisor or EU Project Manager. This is a 3 month full time, intensive programme held in Brussels from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 to 16:30. Classes are held in English.

This Master gives students a sound knowledge about European policies and institutions, EU funding programmes, and tools for European project drafting and management.

Students will test and improve their communicative and interpersonal skills, which are key competencies for a Policy advisor and Project consultant, thanks to the work done in teams for European projects and tenders.

Master graduates will be able to work both in the policy and in the project field: typical job positions are Policy Advisor, Lobbyist, Project Consultant, Project Manager, Manager of EU desks, European or international officer, etc.

Next edition: 20th April - 16th July



3 months, 400 hours divided as follows:

  • Section 1, with 126 hours of teacher-led lessons in a traditional classroom setting and personal research;
  • Section 2, with 252 hours of frontal classes and project works, is the core of the Master;
  • Section 3, with 17 hours of meetings with Brussels experts, once a week;

The Job link module, with 5 hours of training.


Section 1 - The European construction and policies

Organized by the IEE of the Université Catholique de Louvain - academic section. This section provides students with a broad and comprehensive understanding of the European construction, from the historical, juridical and economic point of view. It includes modules on European law, on the EU institutional system, and on different European policies. Such awareness is essential to be able to work in a EU environment, both on the policy and project side. A written exam is foreseen at the end of this section.

Section 2 - Design and management of EU projects

It focuses on the mechanisms, tools and criteria for designing and managing successful EU-funded projects and tenders.

  • How does the European budget work and what are the main funding schemes?
  • How to apply for a EU grant?
  • How can a private or public organization answer to EU procurements?
  • How can NGOs, SMEs, and other entities receive funds from the EU for their ideas?
  • These are the queries that the core section of the Master course addresses to.

The student learns, with the support of case studies and interactive workshops, through a learning-by-doing approach. Group assignments are foreseen during the section and a written exam takes place at the end of it.

Section 3 - Meetings with European experts

It includes on-site seminars held at the European Institutions and meetings with project managers, advisors and lobbyists who work in Brussels in different fields; these meetings aim to give the Master's participant a better understanding of the different actors in Brussels.

logo CCITABEL - Camera di Commercio Belgo - Italiana

CCITABEL - Camera di Commercio Belgo - Italiana

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