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International Master in European Studies

CCITABEL - Camera di Commercio Belga

Sede: Bruxelles (Belgio)
Tipologia: master post-laurea
Area Tematica: Amministrazione / Controllo di Gestione / Bilancio
Data inizio: 29 Aprile 2019


BRUSSELS, 29/04  - 25/07/2019

The European Master in International Studies (download the detailed programme) is designed to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of EU institutions and policies, as well as to make them familiar with European funding programmes and tenders. To this end, a thorough academic section is combined with both hands-on practical work on European projects and job-oriented meetings. At the end of the course, participants will be able to coordinate and manage projects and tenders according to the guidelines set by the European Commission and they will have had the opportunity to be introduced to several EU affairs professionals.

Our Master course is addressed to recently graduates and young professionals from different fields and and backgrounds interested in gaining an in-depth knowledge of EU policies, institutions and funding programmes.

There is no age limit, although most of our students are usually between 25 and 35. Students come from both EU and non-EU countries: the heterogeneity of their backgrounds not only fosters group works creativity, but also enables students to live a truly multicultural experience.



The Master course lasts 3 months. It is an intensive, full-time, 400 hours programme whose didactic method is based on a practical approach with the aim of transferring knowledge through a learning-by-doing process.

All lectures are held in English.



Organized by the Institute of European Studies of the UCL - academic section

This module provides students with a broad understanding of the European construction, from the historical, juridical and economic point of view. Students are required to take a written examination at the end of this section.


It focuses on the mechanisms, tools and criteria for designing and managing successful EU-funded projects and tenders. Thanks to interactive team works, students acquire very practical skills. During this section, students are required to carry out two group assignments and one written examination.


Section III involves on-site seminars held at the European Institutions and meetings with project managers, advisors and lobbyists who work in Brussels in different fields. The aim of this section is to give students a better understanding of the different actors in Brussels and an overview of the different career opportunities available at European level.


This module is so designed as to help participants in their search for a traineeship or an employment position by providing them with advice on how to submit an effective application. 



IMES Day programme - XXIX Ed. - 29/04/2019 - 25/07/2019


 Training Centre of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce (CCBI)

Rue de la Loi, 26

1040 - Brussels




Applications for the 29th edition (29/04/2019 – 25/07/2019) are now open

IMES applications should be done through the online form attaching the following documents:

  • a copy of the university diploma or equivalent degree (last-year university students shall submit a transcript of records)
  • a CV in English
  • a cover letter in English, stating their motivation to attend the Master
  • language certificates or a language knowledge self-statement
  • one passport-size photograph
  • a copy of passport or other identification document
  • proof of payment of the first installment of tuition fees of 500 € if you decided to pay by bank transfer (candidates that will not be admitted will be totally reimbursed the first installment of tuition fees within 5 working days).

The overall tuition fee for attending the Master amounts to 4.800 € (for the whole 3-month period). The payment of the fee is divided into 3 instalments. The first installment of 500 € must be paid at the application phase: proof of payment shall be attached to the application. The other installments must be paid before the Master’s ending. Scholarships of a value of 2.000 € can be awarded to students by the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce. Each scholarship will be granted based on the evaluation of the student’s application (according to the assessment criteria) and on the applicant’s income.

Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce
Tel: 0032 (0)2 205 17 93 

with the Institute of European Studies of the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) for the academic part

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CCITABEL - Camera di Commercio Belga

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